Fergus Falls School of Dance
Fergus Falls School of Dance

Our Goal...

It is our goal at the Fergus Falls School of Dance to teach our students much more than "steps".  We hope to open them to a wholly different way of looking at the world.



The physical fitness that comes with dance training is actually a side benefit, not the goal. Studying dance as an "art form" is very different from taking dance as a "sport" where learning "routines" and competition are the main emphasis. Dance as an art form is concerned with the bigger picture of teaching a sense of the aesthetic, the appreciation of beauty and value.


It stimulates creative energy and is a positive outlet for self-expression. In the process of learning the technical skills necessary to communicate through movement, our students acquire good posture, body awareness, flexibility and strength.


Our students develop self-discipline confidence, creative problem solving skills, the ability to take corrections, and to think as an individual within a group.


They learn to compete with themselves, to always strive to improve and do their best.


They learn the value of the unique, individual voice of each person.

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