Fergus Falls School of Dance
Fergus Falls School of Dance


Pre-school (4 yr olds), Kindergarten, & 1st Grade
(45 minutes)

Allows dancers to experience their own self-expression through movement exploration. They also work on social skills (i.e., interacting & cooperating) and physical skills including: body part identifictaion, large and small motor skills, movement coordination and control, and right/left understanding. 


2nd grade         
(1 hour)

Each year the fundamentals progress toward basic ballet positions,movements and terminology, laying the ground work for a solid placement for ballet technique. Improvisational aspects continue to be incorporated throughout.


2nd grade-adult
(50 min - 1 hr)

Tap is a dance technique that is based on rhythm! Class format includes a study of the basic steps, improvisation, rhythmic structures and dance combinations.


3rd grade-adult (1—1.5 hours)

The art of Classical Ballet is about sculpting space, creating beauty, & learning to fly! The technique is a demanding physical activity that teaches good posture, fine muscle control, coordination, flexibility, and strength. Class has two parts: barre & center. Barre work consists of exercises that warm-up, strengthen, and train the muscles & mind in many pieces of movement. Center work takes what the student has learned at barre and links the pieces together into movement phrases. Classes increase in length and frequency as a student advances.

POINTE WORK         
(30-45 minutes)

The use of pointe shoes is a natural extension of ballet technique. Because of the strength required, dancers must be taking at least two ballet classes a week to be considered for pointe. Students ages 11 and up are constantly being evaluated by their teacher to their readiness to begin pointe.


(1 hour)

Jazz, Modern, and Tap classes for beginners and up. Also, an alumni Modern class for those with more experience.



4th grade-adult
(1—1.5 hours)

Modern Dance uses technique & improvisation to explore the body and its unique abilities to move and express, finding how it connects to mind & spirit. It is most importantly a point of view about moving.


4th grade-adult        
(1—1.5 hours)

Jazz is the study of dance and music of popular culture emphasizing flexibility, strength and style. Class format includes a general warm-up, technique focus, stretching, traveling across the floor, and a dance combination. Steps and music are merged using jazz and Broadway-style music.

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